Smart Community


The Modular Data Center Supports the Next-Generation Smart Community

Installation Case in Singapore

The modern society in which we live is moving into a "smart" era. With the continuing development of ICT comes a rapidly increasing amount of data. As a result, the data centers responsible for processing and storing this information have become a vital part of social infrastructure.

On the other hand, with the increasing amount of data, power consumption has also continued to increase, and energy conservation has become a new social proposition from the standpoint of environmental considerations. Operating the data centers will become more complicated in the future, as the requirement to flexibly and reliably handle unpredictable fluctuations in the amount of data increases.

Toshiba is proactive in promoting the smart community, and has developed the modular data center to solve various problems. Using the merits of the modular data center, Toshiba provides comprehensive and diverse solutions in order to meet our customers' needs.

Building type x Container type
Toshiba modular data center combines the merits of a building type and a container type.

Emergency power supply module

The emergency power supply module is equipped to the specifications of the power supply facility, according to the customer's needs. This maximizes its capacity to serve as an emergency power supply.

Network module

Delivery of the packaged functions required on site for early restoration of a damaged data center is possible; for example, installation of a network module with standard network equipment.

Flexible packaged functions that only a modular type can achieve

The modular type has the advantage of being able to meet various needs of customers such as air conditioning, water disposal, and hospital facilities. The comprehensive strength of Toshiba as an electronic powerhouse enables us to package various functions.



White Paper

TOSHIBA Modular Data Center Introduction of Application


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