Smart Community

What is a Smart Community?

Smart Community is a next-generation community where optimized management and control of infrastructure creates a more resilient smart grid that is favorable to humans and the environment.

Smart Social Infrastructure

A smart community is a community that seeks to develop "smart" solutions for the community as a whole, by using information and communications technology (ICT). A smart community also promotes the use of renewable energies, integrated management, and optimized controls for infrastructure. This includes electric power, heat, water, traffic, healthcare, and lifestyle information. The Toshiba Group is helping to create smart communities that strike a balance between environmental considerations and comfortable living. We create solutions from multiple components, including energy, water, traffic, healthcare, offices, manufacturing, and households.

Why is this needed now?

A number of problems need to be solved when considering global sustainability. For instance, there is the issue of population. Populations in Africa and Asia will continue to grow in the future, and are expected to be 1.5 times their current size by 2050, when the world population is predicted to surpass nine billion people. This will cause heightened concerns over problems related to food, resources and the environment.

Megatrends in Environmental Change

-Rapid population growth in developing countries and concentration in urban areas
-Increasing energy demands linked to growth in Asia
-Global warming due to rising CO2 emissions and increased incidence of natural disasters
-Explosive growth in digital data with the advancement of ICT

Our Expertise

The Toshiba Group has already participated in more than 30 smart community demonstration projects around the world. Toshiba's cloud-based solutions for social infrastructure provide services that satisfy the differing needs in developing and developed countries.

Diverse Solutions

A wide range of solutions are required, from smart grids that use energy efficiently to water management, traffic control, healthcare, disaster prevention and security. The complex, cutting-edge and sophisticated applications that coordinate these solutions with one another and perform optimum control are achieved with Toshiba technologies and expertise.


When explaining the role of smart communities, Toshiba goes one step beyond the stage of "What can we do?" and describes the different levels and advantages posed by the question "How much can we do?"

Leveraging a wide range of experience and know-how acquired from the stable operation of social infrastructure over many years, Toshiba is confident in its ability to present more effective and more sophisticated solutions based on precise simulations and highly accurate predictions.

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