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Toshiba Smart Community Blog

Toshiba’s Global Smart Community Projects Address Energy Challenges

New Infographic Shows Scope of Projects Worldwide The global need to address energy challenges is driven by two primary factors. For developed nations, there’s a need to address the deterioration of...Read more

Electric Bus Tours / Virtual Reality & Video Mapping

In addition to reducing fuel cost and carbon emissions, the electric bus can also be used as an emergency power source in times of disaster. At our Fuchu facility, new electric buses use Toshiba’s...Read more


Ozone, with its strong oxidizing power, is used for advanced water treatment that ensures safer water for human use and for environmentally safe disposal. Ozone treatment includes the oxidation of...Read more

Smart Grid Technology

Recent advances in renewable energy have led to concerns that the fluctuating output of renewable energy may adversely impact our existing grid. In addition, due to the advancement of electric...Read more

Toshiba’s ozone generation systems offer optimum solutions for water treatment

We first introduced our ozone generation system into the market in 1976, giving us nearly 40 years of experience in updating and upgrading the technology for our customers. Toshiba’s ozone generation...Read more


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