A Review of iWriter.com

Affordable, Custom Content for Internet Professionals.


Community Review – The concept of freelance writing is by no means new, but our modern world and the advent of the Internet have drastically increased the demand for professionally written content. Maybe you own a company that needs product descriptions, corporate profiles, or in-depth reviews? Maybe you are someone looking to escape the 9-5 corporate grind and spread your wings through freelancing? Whatever your situation, there are many options at your disposal. Today we’ll look specifically at iWriter.com and see if it’s a good fit for you!

So, what is iWriter.com? Well, in its simplest form, it is a website that allows business professionals to request written materials for their websites, blogs, or mailing lists. Most companies cannot justify hiring a full-time staff writer, so websites like iWriter have sprung up as an opportunity to find freelance workers as needed when needed. Of course, there are two sides to this platform: writers and content requesters. Fortunately, many of the pros and cons apply to both types of professionals.


+ Fast turn around on requests – many projects will be completed the same day or even within the hour.

+ Pricing is very affordable.

+ Multiple pricing tiers depending on the level of quality required.

+ Signing up is very easy to do.

+ A Large pool of writers available at all times of the day or night.

+ Support for multiple languages and many different industries.

+ Rating system helps top writers rise to the top and earn more.


– Low barrier of entry means some low-level writers may be of poor quality.

– Minimal, integrated text editor makes some projects difficult to request or complete.

– As a requester, you have little real control over who accepts your work.

– As a writer, income starts out at a very minimal level.

The Takeaway

iwriter-articlesWhether iWriter.com is a worthwhile platform can depend heavily on your application. As a writer, iWriter is an excellent way to take your first steps into professional writing while actually receiving payment from real clients. This can be very exciting and rewarding as you are getting rapid feedback on your work. Also, this website makes advancing up the wage-rates reasonably quick if you can bring sufficient writing ability. In fact, the right person could conceivably earn a modest salary without ever leaving iWriter.com with a bit of dedication. With that said – and like any business venture – nothing happens overnight, and the best results come from consistent, committed effort.

iwriterAs a content requester, iWriter is a considerable value. Articles can be had for under $10 and often with a very little wait time. Just make certain that you know what to expect. For example, if you are looking for professional, final copy for your main homepage, you may want to consider paying the extra to hire a higher tier writer and ensure the best end result without multiple re-writes or even rejections. If on the other hand, you’re looking for a rough draft of a product description or a blog post on the common subject matter, even the “Standard” writers can often provide something that may be more than suitable.

Either way, iWriter.com is an exciting concept and the low barrier-of-entry makes it easy to recommend to both writers and business professionals alike.